• Residences: Unique and unmatched

    As an internationally renowned manufacturer of finest furniture we offer the most exclusive interiors for representative offices and luxurious residences such as mansions and lodges – individually crafted and in the utmost quality. From consulting and integration planning through to production and installation of the complete interiors our highly skilled personnel complete singular and exceptional projects for even the most discerning clients.

    To protect the privacy of our clients no reference images are shown.

  • Traditional and highly modern

    For more than 60 years the name F/LIST has stood for sublime carpentry handwork. Our passion for the processed materials and a keen eye for detail are as important to us today as they were in 1950.
    Traditional craftsmanship is complemented by state-of-the-art production technologies, so that we can offer our clients the minute precision and constant level of premium quality they expect from us.

  • Exclusive and diverse

    The exceptional is just good enough for our clients. This is why we never cease to create novel, uncommon surfaces to transform their exclusive residences into truly unique works of art – be it ray- or frog leather, egg shell, mother-of-pearl, amber or crocodile and snake skin. There is virtually no material we are unfamiliar with, and even more extraordinary requests we see as a welcome challenge.

  • Progressive and groundbreaking

    For the interiors of their Luxury Residences, all the F/LIST know-how from mega yacht, business- and private jet furnishing is at our client’s disposal. Thanks to this, we are capable of fulfilling even the most demanding requirements in terms of material, processing and finish. Highly advanced planning and engineering technologies make even the most intricate structures and mechanisms possible, and our research team is always developing new and innovative materials, technologies and processes.