• F/LIST® Stone Products

    There are different types of granite stone in a variety of colors and patterns: real stone surfaces have been installed in many different types of aircraft. They are popular as applications for countertops and tabletops, but also as stone floors used in aircraft. Thought impossible in the past, F/LIST® Stone Flooring & Stone Veneer fulfills all relevant requirements.

    Download F/LIST® Stone Flooring Factsheet
    Download F/LIST® Stone Veneer Factsheet

  • F/LIST® Wood Products

    Wood Flooring & Wood Veneer can be used in various types of aircraft and all areas of an aircraft. Our real wood floors with satin finish ensure maximum scratch, abrasion and slip resistance thanks to their high quality top coat finish. With many types of wood and tiling concepts available, it can also be tailored to individual preferences. F/LIST® Wood Flooring & Wood Veneer fulfills all relevant requirements.

    Download F/LIST® Wood Flooring Factsheet
    Download F/LIST® Wood Veneer Factsheet

  • F/LIST® Leather Flooring

    This extraordinary, new F/LIST innovation, created in cooperation with Boxmark, brings an atmosphere of utmost elegance and luxury to your aircraft. The real leather floors are available in a broad spectrum of colors and embossments, according to individual customer desires. Of course, all required approvals have been attained.

    Download F/LIST® Leather Flooring Factsheet


    We at F/LIST have developed certified stand-up showers for various different types of aircraft. The showers combine innovative design with the latest technology. These showers meet all relevant requirements of wet areas in aircraft and offer generous space for comfortable showering.

  • Limartec® NC Panels

    The lightweight patent-registered construction panels are very versatile in modern yacht and cruise ship interiors. They are fire-resistant, can have veneer applied, and are ideal to use as a substructure, thanks to their excellent material properties. Limartec® NC Panels conform to MED approval (wheelmark).

    Download Limartec® NC Panels Factsheet

  • Limartec® Wood Veneer

    This flame-retardant real wood veneer provides a decorative surface design in interiors of ships and yachts. You can choose from a variety of types of various wood veneers from our design range. Alternatively, we can also work with your own veneer. Limartec® Wood Veneer has MED approval (wheelmark) and a patent has been applied for by F/LIST.

    Download Limartec® Wood Veneer Factsheet