How do I apply to F/LIST?

You can submit an application for an advertised position or an unsolicited one using the online application form. We welcome your application by e-mail or post as well.

How do I know if an advertised position is already taken?

We publish all jobs available on our website and remove them only when they are already filled. We will take applications until the described position has been filled.

Are all candidates invited for an interview?

Of course, all candidates will be contacted as soon as possible. Invitation to a personal discussion is only granted to those whose qualifications best fit the job description.

Does F/LIST pay for the travel costs for a job interview?

No. We can accept neither travel nor related expenses incurred by you through the application. We ask you for your understanding.

Should I contact by phone after I sent my application documents to F/LIST?

No. We will contact you once we have processed your application.

How long will my application be kept?

Basically, we hold all application documents one year after receipt.

Must I re-apply for another job which is offered?

That's not necessary if your information has not changed. In this case, it is sufficient if you notify us via email your interest in this position.

Can I do an internship at F/LIST?

We often grant internships to students at technical universities and colleges. We also gladly assist you with your dissertations if the topic is relevant to our company. In principle, however, we do not have summer internships.