Working at F/List

Success Guaranteed

We are what we are thanks to our employees. Their knowledge, their commitment and job satisfaction contribute in large part to our success.

We have grown steadily in the past few years. We have further developed to meet challenges today that were considered unsolvable in the past. We need people who want to create and implement. And here's what makes our employees stand out: passion, team spirit and competence.

Seize Opportunities

We expect professionalism, and we encourage it. We invest heavily in the continuing education of our employees. We offer young, talented employees the opportunity to advance their careers in high-potential programs. We assist existing staff in the training of apprentices and we give them the chance to prove themselves in the company in many different fields of activity. Today many of those who came to us as young people are now in leading management positions.

New things can only come to those who welcome them. We listen to the opinions and ideas of the individual and respect them. We have created an environment that is motivating and inspiring.