Luxury interior at the speed of sound

F/LIST will collaborate with Aerion to develop an innovative, ultra-luxury cabin experience in the new AS2 supersonic private jet. F/LIST is working with Aerion to design a modern and luxurious cabin interior, including cabinets, liners, hard floorings and baggage liners. F/LIST currently supports Aerion with its unique expertise in interior engineering, certification support, materials & finishes during the development phase to provide the finest interior to the AS2.

Microshield 360 Protection™, Protect your Aircraft Cabin
from Germs and Viruses

MicroShield 360™ is a sustainable colorless, odorless and non-toxic formulation. It dries in minutes, and once dry, adheres permanently to the surface. Unlike cleaners and disinfectants, which use poisons to kill germs, MicroShield 360™ deploys a mechanical kill. This non-leaching technology not only ensures a long-lasting effect, but also prevents microbial residues from sprays and cloths. It involves a multi-step application process that kills pathogens on contact, as well as preventing them from living on treated surfaces
in the future.

The aircraft cabin needs to be in a clean condition and therfore a standard interior cleaning is recommended up front. This service can be additionally requested at selected locations.

A specially formulated disinfectant is applied to all surfaces and allowed to air dry. This preps the surface for the next step.

A patented coating formula with a bio static finish that adheres to surfaces and prevents pathogens long-term.

Applied once a year to provide lasting
preventive protection.

Long-lasting residual protection.

Reduces labor and chemical costs.

Spray application coupled with polymerized coating eliminates human error.

Does not use poisons, is non-toxic and FDA approved for direct contact with food surfaces.


        • EPA registered and FDA approved for
          direct contact with food surfaces
        • Clear, colorless and odorless
        • Hypoallergenic and non-toxic
        • 99.9 % preventive
        • Non-leaching technology
        • Mechanical, rather than cidal kill
        • Does not allow for resistances
        • Creates a permanet coatin

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F/LIST has entered the shortlist of the crystal cabin award 2020

F/LIST® VINYL TILE FLOORING, the first vinyl tile flooring with individual design possibilities for business jet cabins, has entered the shortlist of the crystal cabin award 2020.

The Crystal Cabin Award is THE international prize for innovation in the aircraft cabin. A high-calibre jury made up of renowned academics, engineers, specialist journalists and airline and aircraft manufacturer representatives comes together under the slogan “Let your ideas take off” to honor extraordinary cabin concepts and products.

F/LIST wins German Design Award, Innovative vinyl flooring for aircraft cabins impresses jury

F/LIST® VINYL TILE FLOORING, the first vinyl tile flooring with individual design possibilities for business jet cabins. This unique product by the renowned Austrian manufacturer of high-end aircraft and luxury residence interiors is a “Winner” in the category “Excellent Product Design – Conceptional Transportation” of the German Design Award.

The German Design Awards are the international premier prize awarded by the German Design Council. Its goal: to discover, present, and honor unique trends in design. After awarded with the German Design Award 2018 with F/LIST® WOOD FLOORING, the family-run Austrian company entered its latest innovation in another major international award competition.

F/LIST® VINYL TILE FLOORING combines the advantages of well-tested aircraft vinyl flooring with F/LIST’s unique tiling concept. The easy installed, flexible flooring system offers remarkable design possibilities, which are impossible to realize with conventional vinyl flooring sold by the yard: custom tiling patterns and the combination of different prints in durable and easy-care vinyl result in a convenient, yet aesthetic flooring solution.

F/LIST is proud to receive the award for a product, which has been subject to intensive development. F/LIST is also known on the international business jet market for its unique stone products, which include stone floors such as the F/LIST® HEATED STONE FLOORING, table and countertops covered with ultra-thin real stone veneer.

F/LIST invests in
clean energy

A new era in energy: F/LIST expands its photovoltaic power plant in Thomasberg. The completion is scheduled for the end of September 2019.

The power plant has an output of 584 KWp and will generate approx. 580,000 KWh electricity per year in an environmentally friendly manner. Around 80 to 85 % of this annual electricity production from the plant will be consumed directly in operation. Furthermore, F/LIST is going to cover 27 % of the daily electricity required and saves approx. 221 tons of CO2 emissions annually. The project is funded by the Land Niederösterreich under the EFRE programme “Investment in Growth and Jobs Austria 2014-2020”.

Bombardier enhances operations at London Biggin Hill Service Centre in collaboration with F/LIST

Bombardier Business Aircraft is pleased to announce that its service centre at London Biggin Hill Airport has added enhanced interior repair and refurbishment activities to the facility. F/LIST will partner with Bombardier on the development of the enhanced interior shop which will significantly enhance support and service operations for customers in the region.

To have targeted operational readiness in the coming months, the enhanced interior shop will feature a full spectrum of in-cabin repairs available via the F/LIST worldwide Mobile Repair Team while adding up to 20 new local jobs over the next several years.

Katharina List-Nagl named Austria‘s EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

On Friday, October 12th 2018 the international auditing firm Ernst & Young honored outstanding entrepreneurs with the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Award for the 13th time in Austria. Katharina List-Nagl of F/LIST was named the winner in the category Industry & Hightech, and will represent Austria at the World Entrepreneur Of The Year Award 2019 in Monte Carlo.

„I am very proud to receive this prestigious award and the advancement of our family-run business from a small carpentry workshop with five joiners to a globally active group with 750 employees,” says Katharina List-Nagl. „It is a great honor and a wonderful challenge to represent Austria at the EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019 in Monte Carlo on an international level.“

The EY Entrepreneur Of The Year counts among the world’s most well-known awards for entrepreneurs. For more than 30 years, EY has honored entrepreneurs in 60 countries for exceptional achievements. In the category Industry & Hightech Katharina List-Nagl, who is running F/LIST in the third generation, convinced the expert jury of her merit. The owner and CEO of the internationally renowned manufacturer of interiors for business & private jets, yachts and residences headquartered in Lower Austria was chosen among 15 finalists. The high-profile expert jury selected the winner based on five criteria: entrepreneurial performance, business development, innovative power, leadership and future sustainability of the company. On top of that Katharina List-Nagl was chosen as the Austrian representative at the EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019 in Monte Carlo.

„Katharina List-Nagl is an outstanding entrepreneur who is living proof that down-to-earth leadership and a keen sense for luxury do not contradict each other. Today F/LIST is a global family-run company due to her entrepreneurial skills and her passion. We are delighted that Katharina List-Nagl will represent Austria at the EY World Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 in Monte Carlo,“ says Erich Lehner, Program Partner of EY Entrepreneur Of The Year in Austria.

F/LIST wins German Innovation Award

After being named a Winner in the German Design Award 2018, which rewards outstanding product design, F/LIST® HEATED STONE FLOORING has won the Winner title in the German Innovation Award, which was established in 2018. This new award tendered by the German Design Council honors products and projects which are true innovations in their fields.

In the category „Aviation & Maritime Technologies“ in the class „Excellence in Business to Business“ F/LIST® HEATED STONE FLOORING could convince the distinguished jury of it innovative value. It is the only fully certifiable real stone flooring with integrated heating in the aviation industry and can be heated to any preset temperature between 23 °C and 33 °C (73.4 °F and 91.4 °F), with a low power consumption of only 200 watts per square meter (18.6 W/ft2). Despite the remarkable technical performance the heated stone flooring is only 11.2 millimeters thick (0.44) and only negligibly heavier than the non-heated version, as weight is of vital importance in aviation. Still, the heated stone flooring is just as easy to clean and permanently non-flammable. An innovative fastening system facilitates installation and maintenance which saves time and money.

While carpets are prevalent in business aircraft, stone flooring is a hygienic alternative, especially in entrance and wet areas. Due to its high resilience and durability, it does not need to be replaced as often as carpets. Despite its hard surface, F/LIST® HEATED STONE FLOORING passes all noise tests. But its most striking feature is doubtlessly its elegance, which makes it a feature of the cabin’s design; the integrated heating creates a pleasant and livable atmosphere.

The German Innovation Award was established in 2018 and honors products and projects across all industries, which stand out through their user-friendliness and added value compared to existing solutions. It makes innovative achievements more visible to the general audience and supports their successful positioning on the market. Only companies nominated by the scouts and board of experts of the German Design Council are eligible to take part in the competition, which guarantees the award’s independence and excellence.

The jury is composed of independent, cross-disciplinary experts from industry, science, public entities and finance. Appraisal of the entries is conducted according to the criteria of degree of innovation, user benefits and economic viability. The innovation strategy is expected to consider social, ecological and economical sustainability, as well as resource and energy input. Other factors include potential of location and employment, product life cycle, market maturity, technical quality and function, materials and synergies. In the year of its establishment, more than 650 projects were submitted for the German Innovation Award.

F/LIST officially inaugurates new production facility in Greater Montréal

F/LIST officially inaugurated the new 59,000-square-foot production facility of F. LIST CANADA CORP. in the Greater Montréal area on May 14th and announced plans to hire up to 100 specialists within the next two years.

“Investing in Canada is very important to our company’s future growth and success in aerospace,” said Katharina List-Nagl, Chief Executive Officer of F. LIST GMBH, during a ceremony held at the new plant on Boulevard des Rossignols in Laval. “F/LIST has a long and successful history in Canada, working very closely with Bombardier and other partners in the region. It made great business sense to set up our centre of Canadian operations here in Laval, where we are so close to so many great aerospace businesses and opportunities.”

The Laval facility, which is the largest F/LIST manufacturing plant outside of Austria, represents an investment of more than CAN$20 million for the company, including CAN$10 million by the end of 2018. It provides high-quality wood veneers for business and executive jet interiors, finishing and assembling of interior components, refurbishment of interiors, and product and customer support. The facility also houses a showroom and a veneer selection area as part of its designation as F/LIST’s Veneer Competence Centre for flame retardant wood veneers, key components of its interior finishing business.

“We will be serving not only the thriving local market in Canada, but across North America with our quality workmanship and F/LIST spirit,” said Sean Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of F. LIST CANADA CORP. “We are committed to building and growing our presence here, having already invested millions of dollars in specialized production equipment, and recruiting top local talent.” Current positions available include cabinetmakers and veneer specialists, production managers and quality assurance experts.

First PC-24 with F/LIST interior delivered

On February 7th the very first Pilatus PC-24 has been handed over to PlaneSense, a US fractional ownership transport service provider. All cabin monuments for this jet came from F/LIST. The cores of the cabinets came from F/LIST’s joint venture HILITECH. Its innovative lightweight composite components contribute to the PC-24’s versatility.

F/LIST’s high-end quality, reliability and extensive services have long been appreciated by the Swiss aircraft manufacturer. With the commission of the interior for the first PC-24, the longstanding partnership between Pilatus Aircraft and F/LIST has been strengthened further. F/LIST supplied the interior for entrance and main cabin including lavatory, sliding doors, tables, galley, stone countertops and stone flooring. It is a great pleasure for F/LIST to be on board of the very first of a new generation of “Super Versatile Jets” with its high-end interior products.

The PC-24’s main USPs – the versatility of a turboprop with the comfort of a medium-light jet and the performance of a light jet – demanded new ways of thinking in terms of space and weight saving. HILITECH, F/LIST’s joint venture with Hintsteiner Group, provided just that: lightweight carbon composite components, manufactured in a novel process which saves up to 25 % of weight compared to traditional techniques. Moreover, the new process allows for more complex 3D geometries and thus more daring interior design visions to be realized. The strong and almost joint-free raw parts are finished with F/LIST’s elegant wood and stone veneers to be fit for Pilatus’s “Crystal Class” standard.

F/LIST wins German Design Award

The German Design Council annually honors outstanding, innovative projects and products and their creators. After reaching the shortlist of this year’s Crystal Cabin Awards, F/LIST® HEATED STONE FLOORING has been chosen as a “Winner” in the German Design Award 2018.

F/LIST® HEATED STONE FLOORING is the only fully certifiable real stone flooring with integrated heating on the market. It can be heated to any preset temperature between 23 °C and 33 °C (73.4 °F and 91.4 °F), with a low power consumption of only 200 watts per square meter (18.6 W/ft2). Despite the remarkable technical performance the heated stone flooring is only 11.1 millimeters thick (0.44“; with a minimal construction height of 17.1 mm / 0.67“) and only negligibly heavier than the non-heated version, which is of vital importance in the aviation industry. Still, the heated stone flooring is just as easy to clean and permanently non-flammable. An innovative fastening system facilitates installation and maintenance which saves time and money.

The awards ceremony will be held in the context of the international consumer goods fair Ambiente 2018, which will take place in Frankfurt am Main from February 9th through 13th 2018.

F/LIST GERMANY successfully completes first major refurbishment

“It happened! BOO’s been revamped!”

With these words AIR-X sales manager Debbie Camenzuli announced the completed refurbishment of their Challenger 850 with the registration 9H – BOO on LinkedIn. The project for the Maltese air charter company marked the first major refurbishment conducted by newly founded F/LIST GERMANY, which originated from the former OHS Aviation Services GmbH in April of this year. The refurbishment was undertaken in cooperation with F/LIST’s major strategic partner Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services in Berlin Schönefeld.

In the course of “BOO’s” refurbishment all seats were re-upholstered with elegant cream-colored leather, to match the chic new fabric of the divan. New linings on ceilings as well as on lower and upper sidewalls and new PSU panels added to the clean and elegant overall look. A newly installed grape-colored carpet covering the entire cabin floor offers a sophisticated contrast with the otherwise light, cream refurbished cabin. The elegant matte oak surfaces of the galley, sideledges, bulkhead and partition were reworked to give the interior a completely new and sophisticated touch.

All the interior work was performed over a time of approximately six weeks at F/LIST GERMANY’s EASA Part 145 approved upholstery & joinery facilities in Schönefeld, while Lufthansa Bombardier conducted mandatory fuselage and engine checks. Shortly after bringing 9H-BOO back into service, Bernhard Wallner, CCO of AIR-X, said: “Thanks to the F/LIST Team for their great work. The result is amazing. Our customers love the new interior”.

F/LIST expects this success to be the first in a line of many more projects to be completed in cooperation with Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services and other MROs worldwide.