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Strong roots

Heritage and roots.

We are a family business that has its roots in southern Lower Austria. Founded as a small joinery, today we are a globally active company that sets new standards. New challenges are always spurring us on. Our passion and aspirations drive us to leave the comfort zone and reinvent ourselves again and again. And to make exceptional craftsmanship visible.

Sustainable growth.

We are always thinking ahead and actively shaping the future. We redefine boundaries with a spirit of innovation and passion. We create new standards for all living spaces. With a clear claim: to make the impossible possible. To be innovation leaders. To shape the future sustainably. We continue to develop with determination and are not afraid to try out new things and develop them in our "F/LAB". We are aware of the responsibility we now bear on a global level, both for our employees and for our customers and partners.

Our responsibility

Dedicated to perfection.

Our work is founded on exceptional craftsmanship, which we are constantly developing. By reinventing ourselves, we also change the world in which we operate. The power of innovation continuously pushes us beyond our limits. Combined with the level of perfection we bring to the table, we create products for our customers that are unlike any other. This is how we deliver flawless interiors all over the world. "Welcome to the future of craftsmanship."

Our board

A family with strong roots.

We are a third-generation family business that now has more than 1000 employees from 28 nations. In our worldwide subsidiaries we manufacture extraordinary living spaces for business & private jets and residences.

The cosmopolitan approach.

When your roots are strong you can be at home anywhere in the world. This has always been our motto and has made us an internationally operating company. Every day, we surpass ourselves and inspire our customers with our know-how, innovative spirit, and professionalism. At the same time, we never forget who we are and where we come from.

Our culture, our values

We have ambitious plans. These plans would not be possible without the support of our employees. Everything we are to the outside world we also represent internally. Giving every employee the opportunity to grow personally and professionally is essential to us as an employer. When the motivation to do our best is reflected at all levels, only then, can we  truly live up to our aspiration of perfection.

One for all, and all for one.

Straightforward communication and flat hierarchies keep our bureaucracy at a minimum. At our company, the right hand always knows what the left hand is up to. and vice versa. Over the years, we have perfectly coordinated our work steps, which enable smooth production processes and, above all, results with the best possible outcome for our clients.


The cherry on top.

It is the greatest reward for us when our products and services are appreciated by our customers and ultimately bring them happiness. Winning an award for this, only shows us that we are on the right track. Similarly, receiving an award for the way we treat each other, couldn’t make us happier.

It is with deep sadness that we inform you that our chairman and visionary of F/LIST, Franz List, passed away on Saturday at the age of 76 after a serious illness. This loss hits us all hard and leaves a painful void, not only in his family and our organization, but also in the world of exclusive interior design.
on 23.03.2024 at the age of 76 after a serious illness passed away. This loss hits us all hard and leaves a painful gap, not only in his family and our organization, but also in the world of exclusive exclusive interior design.
Franz List's vision took us from a modest carpentry shop founded by his father in 1950 to a globally recognized company. His leadership, his love of the craft and his innovative spirit have made F/LIST what it is today.

He will be greatly missed.